Sell Your Home

Thinking of selling your home? Having extensive experience and knowledge in the real estate industry and marketing, Julie and Mike have the professional skill-set and expertise to sell your home for top dollar and in the shortest amount of time. They do it year in and year out. They aren’t going to sell you and tell you what you want to here. Realistic, honest, and communicative, they will effectively guide you through the entire home-selling process.

Things to Consider:

  • Why sell – Identify and understand your motivation
  • Value of your home – Know what your net profit will be
  • Market Conditions – Know the influential impact of the inventory, interest rates, current trends, and time of year
  • Competition – How does your home compare to other homes on the market in your neighborhood

Listing Consultation:

  • Establishing our partnership. We are emphatic about creating a dynamic and effective partnership with you.
  • Clearly define your goals and objectives.

Initial Walk-Thru – Understanding the big picture

  • It’s important for us to view your home together, room by room, discussing the features and how to best present your home.

Preparing to Sell Your Home – What are buyers looking for in a home

  • Based upon our initial walk-thru and clarification of objectives, we will collectively strategize how to maximize the presentation and impression of your home, taking into careful consideration today’s home buyer, their decision-making tendencies, and market trends.

Comparative Market Analysis – Establishing your home’s value range

It’s vital you understand the market conditions, influences, and competition. We will provide you with a detailed value assessment of your home based upon the age, lot size, location, interior square footage, and its condition relative to your neighborhood and recently “sold” comparable homes.

Marketing Strategy – We have developed an aggressive and comprehensive marketing approach that will maximize the exposure your home will receive amongst the broadest spectrum of buyers possible. The key in selling value is presenting value.

Staging – To stage or not to stage, does it really matter?

  • The way you “live” on a day to day basis is  not necessarily the best way to present your home and show off its unique features. Staging is often times under-valued by sellers; maximizing and presenting the space and features of a home is paramount to capture top dollar.
  • Approximately 95% of staged homes sell in less time than homes that are not staged.
  • A staged home will sell 87% faster than if it had not been staged.
  • A staged home will sell for approximately 10% more than those homes that have not been staged, depending upon your specific market and neighborhood.

Professional Photographs – A home’s “pix appeal” matters. Professional photos, employing a professional photographer and state of the art HD technology and equipment, are utilized for all of our listings

  • Invite and entice potential buyers into your home with high-impact photos.
Real estate listings with high quality professional photographs typically command a higher asking price and tend to sell for more than listings shot with a traditional camera. Homes with high quality photos also attract a larger online audience.
  • Homes with professional photographs are found, on average, to be viewed 61 percent more online than others in that price range shot with a lower-end camera.

Professional Video Tour – A real estate virtual tour captures the true essence of a home and its warmth.

  • Our professional video will encapsulate the beauty, charm, and warmth of your home for all to see.

Internet Exposure – We maximize your home’s exposure to over 600 web sites

  • Over 89% of home buyers begin their home search on-line.

Customized Signage

  • Maximize street and neighborhood presence, and directional marketing

Custom Brochures

  • Email and social media mass marketing
  • Brochures for prospective buyers

The Villata Team is known for developing comprehensive high-end, high-impact marketing plans customized for each client and each property. Incorporating social media, photography, video, staging, and interior design, the sole purpose is to strategically present a superb first impression and maximize your home’s exposure and traffic.